Bass Note is the Award Winning Sangria that is Taking the Country by Storm


Bass Note Sangria Flavors

Bass Note Blackberry Sage Bottle

Blackberry Sage 

Fresh Blackberries, Lemons and a touch of Sage combined with rich fruity California Red wine, gives this Sangria deep luscious aroma and flavor.  Pairs perfectly with BBQ pork or grilled steak

ABV: 11% 750ml

Bass Note Cherry Lime Almond Bottle

Cherry Lime Almond

Luscious Cherries & tart Limes are blended with a hint of Almond and a rich fruity California Red wine, making this Sangria a treat for the senses.  Enjoy with grilled lamb or a bold cheese.

ABV: 11% 750ml

Bass Note Peach Tarragon Bottle

Peach Tarragon

Ripe Peaches, Lemons, and a hint of Tarragon married with crisp California White wine, provides this Sangria with an easy drinking profile and a little zip.  Goes splendidly with a fresh chicken salad or grilled salmon.

ABV: 11% 750ml

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